Photovoltaic solution: finding a specialist in energy efficiency

The installation of photovoltaic panels is a big step towards energy autonomy, but the work is long and costly and it is sometimes difficult to understand all the offers on offer. To be sure to make the right choice, it is best to call on a specialist in the sector.

Find a specialist with experience

Previously used by industries, photovoltaic solar energy has developed a lot in the private sector, with individuals. But with the expansion of the market, it is not always easy to find the right offer and above all the right equipment for one’s home.

Today, many companies like Isowatt have specialised in the photovoltaic sector and their expertise is of great help to private individuals. These companies are able to analyse your consumption to find the best possible compromise and can define the most suitable equipment according to the size of your home, its orientation and your region.

In order to make the best choice, it is strongly advised to call on companies that work specifically in the solar energy sector. This is often the guarantee of substantial energy savings.

Compare different offers

A lot of companies can offer you attractive deals, but the work required to install solar-powered equipment for your home is often long and expensive.

These works fall into the category of energy renovation and therefore are eligible for certain financial aid such as energy saving certificates, the eco-loan at zero rate or the tax credit. However, it is recommended to compare the offers of several companies in order to have a better appreciation of market prices.

Asking several companies for advice also allows you to check that you have been advised the right equipment, adapted to the overall situation of your home. Don’t hesitate to compare quotes and call on the company you trust the most. You will be all the more serene during the renovation work.

Making the right choice according to the situation

To make the right choice in photovoltaics, trusting the expertise of companies is important, but it is better to have some knowledge on the subject to take all the criteria into account.

A photovoltaic solar panel is chosen mainly according to the energy required for the proper functioning of the dwelling. A specialist is best able to define the consumption you need, but there are several types of photovoltaic panels. For example, a monocrystalline panel made of pure silicon crystals offers the best yield on the market, but it is also the most expensive.

The amorphous panel is the least productive, but it has the advantage of working even under artificial light or in areas where there is little sunlight. Between the two, the polycrystalline panel offers a very good yield, but is more efficient in southern regions. Don’t hesitate to ask for information when you call on companies for your work.

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