Produce and consume energy thanks to photovoltaic solar panels

Photovoltaic solar panels are part of tomorrow’s solutions for a fairer and more respectful consumption for the planet. Do you want to invest in solar energy and achieve energy independence? Thanks to the installation of these panels, manage your own electricity consumption as you see fit.

How photovoltaic solar panels work

Photovoltaic panels directly transform the solar energy they receive through their cells. These cells will react with each other in sunlight and create an electrical voltage. The inverter will transform this electric current into alternating current. Two solutions appear: either the energy is transported to a home’s electricity network (this is called photovoltaic self-consumption), or it is intended for resale by a national electricity network manager. Check which alternative is the most profitable according to your consumption. Beware of preconceived ideas! You don’t need to live in the South of France to benefit from solar energy. Everywhere in France, it is possible to install photovoltaic panels to switch to renewable energy. What counts is the geographical orientation and the slope of the roof (30° to the horizontal), despite low sunshine. Your production capacity depends on these criteria, which must, in absolute terms, provide ideal conditions. You can carry out a simulation to find out the configuration of your home and which solar panel to choose.

Become your own energy supplier

Do you want to use all the electricity produced for your personal consumption? The long-term goal is to achieve self-sufficiency in solar energy and profitability so that you don’t lose all the energy that has been produced. By taking advantage of an inexhaustible natural resource, the sun, to supply your house or building with green electricity, you contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel use. You combine practicality and ecology by making sure you don’t consume too much. For example, a self-built house that opts for the installation of a solar power plant radically reduces its energy needs. It’s a short circuit, you inject the electricity produced by your panels into your home’s electrical grid. This is a responsible approach in the context of an energy transition that is easy to implement, even if it is still quite expensive. You should know that the average lifespan of a panel is estimated at 20 or 30 years, depending on the weather conditions to which it is exposed.

Reduce your energy bill

Good to know: installing photovoltaic panels can reduce your electricity bill by almost 45%! Whether you are a private individual or a company, you have everything to gain by equipping yourself with a photovoltaic plant to produce electricity: this is a profitable investment. You are no longer dependent on fluctuations in the price of electricity. Depending on your needs and your consumption habits, a personalised installation is taken care of by professionals. The practical novelty is that this does not necessarily require the panels to be installed on the roof! You can install the panels on a flat roof, a pergola, on the ground.

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