The advantages of photovoltaic energy

Using the sun and the light it emits to produce electricity is the primary purpose of photovoltaic solar panels. The new energies make it possible to reduce energy consumption, which is currently too greedy, and the resulting CO2 emissions. Equipping a building or a house with a solar installation offers many advantages.

How does a solar panel work?

Solar panels not only concentrate the sun’s energy and heat, they also convert light and radiation directly into electricity. This is made possible by the material of which the solar panels are made. This material is silicon (a mineral found mainly in sand). Its electrons are very sensitive to light, which makes silicon a semiconductor. In order to obtain an electric current, the different layers of the solar panel will reciprocally create an electric voltage, thanks to phosphorus atoms and boron atoms. This is the same operation as that of a battery. A photovoltaic solar panel has the advantage of providing an infinite source of energy. As long as there is light, electrons flow and there is current. Don’t panic, bad weather doesn’t affect the electrical production of the photovoltaic cells, it will just be less intense. The panels are connected to the electrical grid, they capture the sunlight and can supply direct current. This current is then converted into alternating current thanks to an inverter. You can carry out an energy study with various companies such as Soleco France .

Advantage number 1: the production of green electricity

Equipping yourself with photovoltaic solar panels allows you to become a producer of electricity yourself, which is also environmentally friendly. In fact, there are several possible options as to how to use it. You can opt for simple personal consumption, which will later be reflected in the EDF bill (for self-consumption). Reducing energy consumption therefore results in a lower energy bill. However, it is also possible to resell this electricity to EDF in whole or in part. In any case, it is an indispensable gesture for the planet. No greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere with this system. A solar panel produces green electricity from renewable energy (solar energy that does not use fossil fuels).

Advantage number 2: the production of economical electricity

Investing in the installation of solar panels means ensuring a capital gain for the property in question, regardless of the mode of consumption chosen (self-consumption or sale to EDF). Their purchase is profitable since the electricity is resold at a fixed price for 20 years. The ideal solution to make it profitable: consume part of the electricity produced and resell the surplus to EDF. This generates a source of additional income on a regular basis. Finally, independence is total, because the local electricity produced by the panels is immediately consumed by the connected home. The distributor of respectful electricity is you!

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