Photovoltaic panels

The advantages of photovoltaic energy

Using the sun and the light it emits to produce electricity is the primary purpose of photovoltaic solar panels. The new energies make it possible to reduce energy consumption, which is currently too greedy, and the resulting CO2 emissions. Equipping…

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How the aerovoltaic solar panel works

Unlike photovoltaic solar panels, aerovoltaic models are not yet well known to the general public. Here are a few important elements to be aware of, and especially how it works, before embarking on the choice of this eco-responsible solution, which…

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Produce and consume energy thanks to photovoltaic solar panels

Photovoltaic solar panels are part of tomorrow’s solutions for a fairer and more respectful consumption for the planet. Do you want to invest in solar energy and achieve energy independence? Thanks to the installation of these panels, manage your own…

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What is the difference between a photovoltaic panel and a solar panel?

The sun provides free, clean and unlimited energy. At a time when there is increasing talk of the depletion of natural resources, the governments of several countries are encouraging the use of renewable energy such as solar power. Thermal solar…

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How do you generate your own electricity?

Self-generation is the act of producing your own electricity. In order to reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill and become independent in terms of energy, it is essential to carry out this self-generation. If you are in an isolated…

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