Buying a solar panel

Before you start talking about the price of a solar panel, you should know that this term sometimes refers to the so-called thermal solar panel and sometimes to the photovoltaic panel. The first consists of a module that recovers the heat from the sun and distributes it throughout the house by means of a heat-transfer fluid. It therefore essentially provides a heating function or a power supply for the water heater in any case. The second is a system that allows the production of electricity thanks to photovoltaic panels. Let’s look more specifically at the price of the solar panel of the photovoltaic module.

Price of a photovoltaic solar panel

To evaluate the total price of a photovoltaic installation, it is necessary to know the tariffs for the material, the installation of the solar panels, the connection to the electric network, the loan interests in case of a bank loan and the possible preliminary study if the building site is complex.

The price of the solar panel of your installation will vary according to the type of module selected. If you opt for polycrystalline, the yield will be better but the cost will be higher.

The solar photovoltaic professional selected, will be able to provide all the aid and subsidies you can benefit from. Some of these subsidies are regional, we advise you to call on an installer near you, who is more familiar with local specificities.

Solar energy is both profitable and ecological!

If you think the price of solar panels is too high, think again. Many individuals take out a bank loan and sell the entire electricity produced by their solar panels, with the purchase of their electricity compensating for the monthly loan payments. In addition, more than the price of the solar panel, it is the future profitability of your solar panel installation that should interest you. And precisely, even if the photovoltaic cost is consequent, it is a profitable investment in the medium term: the price of your installation will be amortized in 7 to 10 years.

It should be added that photovoltaic solar energy is an energy that respects the environment. Non-polluting, this type of energy production does not degrade our planet.

Finally convinced? Contact the nearest photovoltaic installer and ask for a quote. He will give you the price of the solar panel for your project and its profitability. Or even better: use our contact service which allows you to receive up to three free quotes to compare and make the best choice.

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